April 6, 2016

The Team

Fergal O’Farrell  Life Coach and Business Mentor

I love working with individuals and groups of people who are pushing personal and work boundaries, I really admire people who are challenging the status quo, pushing their personal  limits as they grow personally and develop their ideas/projects/start-up enterprise.

My focus

My focus in working with my clients is to help you to reconnect and understand your dreams, gifts, strengths and life experiences, to get a handle on your challenges and blockages and to help you create a clear strategy and plan for moving your start-up idea/business forward.

I can help you in the following practical ways:

–          Capturing your idea/project/ start-up on one sheet of paper

–          Connect your idea with your experiences, interests and skills

–          Understanding and profiling your ideal customer and finding lots more of them

–          Making sense of your Why  – as customers buy why you sell not what you sell


My experience and qualifications

I  have over 20 years experience working in an international retail environment in financial,  planning and organisation development roles. I have been involved in food  and  technology start ups and I also spent two years working with a social enterprise involved in values-led change. Having been involved in two start ups I understand the challenges – the highs and the lows.

I have an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice as well as qualifications in coaching, entrepreneurship and accountancy. I participated in the Foodworks business incubation program

My approach

My approach is based on the philosophy that deep down we each know what we want to do and that we are equipped with  the resources and strengths to follow our dreams  and to achieve our goals.

I believe we all have this thing we are to do, a challenge or life long desire or passion that we have to act on. Maybe its an idea or  a side project that keeps reappearing in our lives in different forms until we accomplish it. But as we begin to commit and work on our life long desire, our innate strengths come to the fore, our life experiences and previous challenges that we have overcome make sense and everything begins to fall into place.

However it doesn’t always feel like we know where we want to go or how to get there.

My role is to help you figure out how to move forward, achieve your goals and see your dreams come through.

I like to create my learning spaces in interesting places

I am drawn to new ideas, new events, new ways of organising. My interest is to be involved in discovering new ways of doing things, making new connections, creating new spaces.

Being originally from rural Kerry I love living and working in a rural environment so I set up these creative spaces/events/programs in a rural setting  where possible

I believe a rural environment is a very diverse space and has many resources and opportunities for learning.

My experience is that spending time in interesting spaces combined with activities in the natural environment leads to better outcomes in terms of gaining insights, increasing creativity and teamwork and improving problem solving capabilities and outcomes.

Standford University researchers published  a recent article  in the Journal of Experimental Psychology which finds that a person’s creative output  increases by an average of 60 percent when walking.

Some of the outdoor based events I organise include , Netwalking – outdoor business networking ,Entrepreneurs Retreat in the countryside, walking along the Entrepreneurs Trail and visiting local entrepreneurs to hear their stories.

“Follow your dreams they know the way”.