April 6, 2016

Dreamcatcher Business Club

Peer to peer  advice and support

  • Do you have a project/business idea/ start-up you want to move forward ?
  • Would you like to get practical business tips, tools and  mentoring to develop your idea/business?
  • And would you like to get honest feedback and support from a small diverse group of like-minded people who have dealt with or are dealing with the same issues and challengs as you

Benefits of attending your local Dreamcatcher Business Club

  1. Get feedback from other start-ups/businesses who have dealt with or are dealing with similar  issues and challenges
  2. Obtain practical business tools & tips on starting/developing your project/ enterprise
  3. Plan and set goals and be held accountable by your peers to achieve these goals
  4. Find solutions that are focused on where you are at with your project, start-up, social enterprise.

What’s involved:

 Monthly facilitated  meet-ups with a peer group of 5 to 7 start- ups

  • Informal presentation of your dream idea, project or start-up
  • Feedback from your colleagues
  • Plan and set goals to move forward
  • Get practical business tips and tools to develop your new business


“The power of my fellow business start-ups really made a difference – they helped me clarify my thinking by supporting and challenging me, leading me to making better business decisions” Andrew


 “It is a combination of problem solving, knowledge sharing  and  support for your specific challenge from colleagues who understand your issues” Ella


“Tonight I went along to the Dreamcatcher Business Club meet-up at Limericks Fab Lab. This was my first time stepping foot in the Fab Lab and my first time going to anything like a business club. I was daunted, because I am “creative type” and definitely have never thought to squeeze myself within “entrepreneur” bracket.
I was pleasantly surprised at the energy of the group and the tone of the whole session – nine people from really diverse backgrounds spanning every discipline, sharing ideas and giving constructive feedback and suggestions to help everyone grow and improve their project or product.
It was seriously excellent, eye opening and encouraging and I’d strongly advise anyone I know planning to embark on a project or start- up to keep an eye out for this focus group which  takes place monthly.”

Emma Langford    www.emmalangfordmusic.com


Fergal facilitates my local Dreamcatcher Business Club with great passion. The sessions with fellow start ups/business owners to talk about the challenges and issues we face have been extremely useful to me. Everybody brings in different approaches or ways of thinking you had not thought about yet. Fergal is a very good listener and gently pushes you into action by setting goals. “The distance between your dreams and reality is called action” and Fergal will support you with that.”  Evelien Deenkamp 


 “I really enjoy my local Dreamcatcher Business Club as it provides a friendly and supportive environment to explore business ideas. The feedback has helped me to clarify my own priorities and given me valuable insights into the direction my own business should go. The advice is specific and tailored for each individual participant which makes it even more relevant and useful. “                 Roisin Russell  silverbluetree@gmail.com


The intimate but relaxed group setting allowed me to initially share a very raw concept and receive excellent feedback and guidance, and it’s great to continuously meet and get feedback from people of different backgrounds and experiences.
It has also been extremely enjoyable and informative to join in on group discussions about people’s business ventures that are more developed than my own. In fact, even listening to others very real business plans and problems has taught me so much more than any business course ever could.
Aside from being very experienced and knowledgeable, Fergal is also extremely approachable. It’s nice to have someone you can consider a mentor who will give you honest advice backed up by years of experience.”

Michael O’Sullivan, 22, UL PhD student – 3D Printing and Mass Customization and aspiring entrepreneur

If you are interested or want to know more contact Fergal @ 087 4176498 or email dreamcatcherbc1@gmail.com